He lost his post while congratulating the Indian convoy

Nepali leaders who have made politics a source of income. You can see the scene of welcoming unbelieving leader Anil Kumar Jha in his home district. Surprisingly, the garland worn to welcome the minister was taken out of the minister’s car. What this means is that Nepali politics is based on pomp and show.
The scene of a minister getting out of the car and everyone around him putting flowers on the minister’s throat can be seen in the South Indian film.

But some leaders in Nepal really like to enjoy such a scene. Leader Dimple Jha had made a similar scene in his home district when he was the state minister of state. Anil Kumar Jha had also reached the home district to congratulate his wife Dimple Jha. What would it be like to have a chat at the same time as the minister is taking congratulations? Yes, the same has happened to the newly appointed Minister Jha from the Council of Ministers. While congratulating him on his arrival in the home district, his ministerial post was vacated at the same time. Anil Jha was appointed Minister of Drinking Water and Sanitation in the federal government. But he has had to wash his hands of his ministerial post before receiving satisfactory congratulations.

Hundreds of vehicles had landed in the home district with pomp and circumstance. From the previous day, there was a flurry of Indian vehicles in the district to welcome him. Leaders and cadres of the front line wore a garland of flowers which covered his face completely. He was trying to wear it even though he was eating the garland around his neck. The minister was just being welcomed in the district. But in the meantime, the post of minister was lost. However, the minister, while congratulating him on the way, started protesting by showing him a black flag.
Urban Development Minister Rajendra Mahato was touring the flood and landslide affected areas of Sindhupalchowk by helicopter. At the same time, he was removed from his post and status. Not only that, some ministers have left their government vehicles and returned to their private vehicles after learning that they lost their ministerial posts while in Singha Durbar. After receiving the news that Agriculture Minister Jwala Shah lost his post while he was in Singha Durbar, he left all his services and immediately left Singha Durbar in a private vehicle.

The newly-appointed ministers, who had just settled in the ministry after being appointed as ministers, were preparing for the things like tables and chairs and kitchen utensils they needed. After the Supreme Court ruled that the minister’s post was dismissed without any preparation, the ministers have lost their jobs. Some leaders, who had just been appointed as ministers, lost their ministerial posts on the way home to congratulate Khan, while others had to wash their hands of their ministerial posts while flying in a helicopter. The position of Nepali politics and leader has become like magic.

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