Helicopter poured millions of flowers in Tudikhel on occassion of constitution day

The Constitution Day 2078 was celebrated with lakhs of flowers at the Nepali Sainik Manch Tudhikhel. The year 2072 BS has been celebrated continuously since the day the constitution drafting was completed.  The Constitution was drafted in favor of the people for the rights, interests, security, promotion and protection of the people of the country.

Hon’ble Prime Minister Ser Bahadur Deuba presided over the National Constitution of 2078 BS. Hon’ble Chief Justice Cholendra Samser Jabra, Speaker of the House of Representatives Agni Prasad Sapkota, Chairman of the National Assembly Dinesh Prasad Timilsena, Hon’ble Minister, Security Bodies, Foreign Diplomacy  , Members of the National Assembly, Secretary to the Government of Nepal, Kathmandu Valley Chief and other personalities were present.

The banner from the helicopter was flown at the event. The helicopter was led by Brigadier General Kiran Khapani and Chief Fighter Sankar Kumar Katawal. The helicopter was led by Fighter Yogesh Jung Khapani and Co-fighter Sujib Shrestha.  Were

The white family was flown as a symbol of peace, wishing for the establishment of happiness and peace in the country. The Nepal Army and Nepal Police had passed the march. The constitution is the basis of any country.  Since the constitution directs the entire work of the country, the constitution seems to be very necessary for the country. If any creature survives equally, then he is the protector of the constitution.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Chaturbhuj Ojha led the Nepal Police March Pass while Fighter Barun KC led the Nepal Army.  The day was celebrated and this year too, security equipment was used all over the country.

Seven constitutions have been drafted in Nepal till date. All of them were in favor of the people but were amended due to some weaknesses. The new constitution is in the interest of the people and the nation.  It seems that the constitution has been changed accordingly.

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