Hemraj and Ranju came to the field saluting Balen

The youth leaders are registering their candidacy as independent candidates for the representative and provincial assembly elections that are going to be held on November 4.  The leadership is about to be prepared saying that change is not possible from the old leaders and political parties.  Ranju Darshan, who has filed an independent candidacy for the member of the House of Representatives from Kathmandu Region No. 5, has come to the field with the Selroti election symbol, while another candidate from the same region, Hemraj Thapa, has also come to the field with the Syringe symbol.

On Wednesday, the election officer’s office distributed symbols to the independent candidates.  After receiving the Chang election symbol of Celroti, Darshan said that Celroti is very close to her heart as food.  Hemraj has said that he has come to the field with a syringe to treat people who have been sick in society by being leaders in name only for a long time, people who are corrupt, who are doing immoral things, and who are working against public opinion.  Ranju and Hemraj have said that the work done by Balen Shah is very good and the country needs youths with such efficiency, efficiency, ability, planning, and vision.A few years ago, during Tihar, Darshana worked selling sel rotis.  In the local elections of 2004, Darshana became the mayor of Kathmandu but was defeated by Vidyasundar Shakya of CPN-UML.  He said that although he joined the organization knowing that he would do good work while he was in college, now he is independent and protesting on the streets to fight for the rights and interests of the country and the people.

Ishwar Pokharel of CPN-UML was elected from Kathmandu-5 in the House of Representatives elections of 2074.  At that time, the then-president Ujjwal Thapa rose from Viveksheel Shara in this area.  Thapa got 6,853 votes.  After the people’s representatives who were elected as independents in the local level elections began to discuss, now independent candidates have started to rise all over the country.  Hemraj, who is in the news from time to time, is now in the election field from the same area.

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