Hemraj Thapa protesting against Prime Minister Oli and Rajendra Mahato

Hemraj Thapa, a youth activist, has called Rajendra Mahato an Indian citizen. He has even described the Prime Minister as an Indian citizen. He said that these ministers, who are involved in Nepali politics with the interest of India, are citizens of India.

The country is battling the Corona epidemic. But Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is busy forming a new cabinet. Many have taken such a decision as treason. Among them, young engineer Hemraj Thapa is one of the opponents of the Prime Minister. He said that all the leaders who did not follow the provisions of the constitution were traitors. He said that the day may come when people will spit from Singhdarbar and Baluwatar. “People have dragged Hitler, who is more nationalist and powerful than Prime Minister Oli, on the road and planted a spear. What is the Prime Minister of Nepal?” He said.

He has even given the nickname of an illiterate guard to Prime Minister Oli. He said that Oli, who ate rice inside the jail at the age of reading, did not know the law of Nepal. He said that Rajendra Mahato, who became the Deputy Prime Minister after forming the new cabinet, was not a citizen of Nepal. Mahato is a citizen of Bihar and he forcibly became a Nepali citizen by taking Nepali citizenship. He also said that a corrupt leader had given citizenship to Rajendra Mahato. He has accused Rajendra Mahato of forging his adopted citizenship. A person born in Nepal gets citizenship after 16 years. But Mahato said that he got Nepali citizenship within two years of entering Nepal. He claims that after entering Nepal and getting his citizenship, he also gave citizenship to his father.

According to Thapa, India imposed blockade on Nepal in 2072 BS at the behest of Prime Minister Oli and Rajendra Mahato. He has alleged that the blockade was imposed to fulfill the demands of India after there was a shortage of gas and food items in Nepal. Mahato is not the only leader representing the people of Madhes and is currently protesting against him in the Terai region. Thapa said that it was not appropriate for Mahato to be the Deputy Prime Minister of the country and that it was not even acceptable to the people. After not addressing the issue of Madhes, the people of Madhes are now agitating against Mahato.

Despite the corona infection in the people of Limpiadhura and Lipulek, the Prime Minister has not been able to deliver oxygen. But now the government has announced the date of the election. He said that he would definitely go to the people of the area to seek votes during the election. If the government has not been able to provide services to the Nepali people with uniformity, how can it be called a government? He has a question.

Prime Minister Oli himself is a person who does not follow the constitution. Thapa has countered by saying that he himself teaches the people to abide by the constitution after violating the rules of the constitution.

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