Hence she didn’t cheat on her husband. Buddha story- Manokranti

A person should pay special attention to how he should speak in life, how he should live with his family. He said that sometimes husbands and wives have double behavior, in order to correct it, people should find out where they have made a mistake and change their journey, and take their steps forward. He said that because of the mistakes made by people, they have to suffer all their lives, so they should correct them and go on a better path.

Bibekananda said that whenever the wife does wrong, she does good things for her husband. People try to be good to cover up their mistakes. People are wandering in many places for happiness, but they have never been able to make good use of the happiness inside them. If a person begins to freely use his intellectual abilities in the open sky, he will be very happy in life, so people should understand the world and take their steps forward even if they are sitting under the open sky. Human life is spent in various sufferings and struggles without understanding.

If a person is getting better, he will get what he doesn’t have. Many people in the world are sad even when they are with themselves, and they are sad even when they are not. Doctors say that people get pain in life without understanding it. They say that people spread their fragrance just like the flowers of the garden spread their fragrance when they understand their life. Sometimes people are very sad about things that are not with them, while sometimes things that have happened also cause a lot of pain. He says that people should not covet anything to be happy. A Jogi who left all his possessions and went to live in the desert, nobody looked at him until he attained enlightenment, when he began to gain knowledge of everything.

Some people are running after wealth, while others are running after happiness and knowledge after leaving their wealth. As long as a person cannot understand himself, he will suffer until then. was not After gaining knowledge, people go searching for the world. Everyone used to take some gifts to him. When millions of people started looking for him every day, the gifts also started coming.

When people have their children, they are sad because they did not do this or that, but when they do not have children, they are sad because they do not have children. Everyone says that you are wise and learned, did you sit in a bush and accumulate so much gold? He asks where did you bring it from. He said that the devotees who come to visit have brought gifts. In a moment, the barker realizes that he has forgotten a plate and says that he has forgotten it. Even if there are two people, one of them is searching for the world and the other is searching for the world, so if a person ever expands the world with his knowledge, he will conquer the world.

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