Her husband kept Rozina’s body in the morgue, agreeing to perform the ceremony only after investigation

In a country where the head of state is a woman, problems such as rape and discrimination against women are decreasing day by day.  It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Rozina’s father says that if she had committed suicide, the body would have fallen under the ceiling fan. The body was lying on the bed between two pillows.  It is not possible to remain silent when one sees the condition of one’s daughter.

Rojina’s father says that her husband’s wife came and performed the post-mortem report with his consent.  Her postmortem was done at Madhan Bhandari Trauma Center Hospital. Her body is now kept in a sub-home.

With the formation of a new kind of structure in the society, there is no talk of trusting each other. In Nepal, most of the women are forced to take part in the family for various reasons.  There is such a fear in the society that the woman who has left the house will not be able to think about the condition of the house until she reaches home.

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