Here’s how to find out if you have a mental problem

March 10, 1981 John Hinckley Jr., 22 years old. Ronar Reagan aimed his shot at the President. Ronar was shot, but he did not die. Hinckley, the shooter, was then arrested. Police questioned him and asked why Ronar had been shot. Who instigated the shooting, what was the purpose of it? It is natural to question which party or terrorist instigated the attack on political figures. Or it may be that someone was paid to kill. Hinckley also needed to know if he was trying to kill for money or for other reasons. Hinckley said there was no vested interest in the shooting.

If there was no selfishness, then the question arose as to why a young man shot the President. At that time, a young woman named Julie Foster was very fond of him. The Hollywood actress was world famous. The young man gave a statement that he shot the president to get the attention of the heroine. He thought that if she appeared on television, news channels, etc., the heroine would also watch herself. If a girl picks up a gun and shoots the President to get her attention, how far is it? Can you believe it Yes, this is the human mind.

This is what happens when there are ups and downs in a person’s mind. So there is no need to take it as a surprise. There is a mental problem, it is called delusion. This mental problem is bothering us from time to time. Some people suffer from this problem for the rest of their lives and some people get this problem from time to time. Many such delusions have been studied by many psychiatrists. Of these, the one associated with Hinckley’s shooting of the president is called the Irutomanic Delusion. What happens in this delusion is that the big celebrities get the illusion that they have got the mind and attention. A kind of fascination arises in the mind towards the people seen through various means. I get the illusion that the person in front of me loves me very much.

There are many types of such delusions. All these problems are getting stronger with time. But to solve these things, you have to be able to strengthen your mind. The more problems the brain starts to have, the smaller the brain becomes. Holes are forming in the brain. The mind is shrinking. Mental problems. The mind is shrinking. This is a sign of a higher life. Taking time for yourself, exercising and meditating can keep the brain healthy.

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