Herne Katha Epi 72 – Bihe Ko Katha

After the month of Mansir, the wedding is in full swing. A team of storytellers from Tirkhu village in Jumla district of Karnali province arrived to watch the wedding. The story is told while rejoicing at the wedding.  The daughter was born. The daughter was about to get married when she was three months old. According to the village, customs and manners, the marriage was different. Their meeting started from Prem Nepalgunj. Sangita’s mother also ran away and got married.  Even if people run away and get married, they will get remarried immediately.

At the time of marriage, rice is cooked in turmeric and eggs are kept.  It is customary for the bride and groom to wash their feet and pay rent on the day of the wedding.  The marriage is allowed to take place only after the bride and groom have agreed on the issue of money.

It is only after they have met that they have tied the knot. People are now being connected through social media, which is also connecting people from far and wide.  There are many people who get married in the month of Mansir. Nepalis are also living their lives by starting a new relationship in the month of Mansir. Marriage is also a chapter of Jiban.  Man struggles so much in his life that he is always taking his life to a higher place.  The couple, who started their lives by talking on Facebook after seeing him in a program, are now tied in marriage.

After falling in love, they got to know each other as they got older. There were a lot of people who blessed them at the wedding.  People are having different kinds of struggles in their life. The people who came to their wedding were having fun.  The chances of getting hurt are low.

At the wedding, family and friends were not entertaining the people. There is laughter and joy in the tongues of the people. Sometimes people cry not only for the sadness but also for the happiness.  The tears did not stop in their eyes. Both of them said that they will use each other’s language even after knowing each other’s language knowingly.  He says that marriage is bound because people have different kinds of happiness in life. He says that they met during happiness and sorrow.

He was married after meeting her at his relative’s house. After he ran away, he got married after giving birth to a daughter.  According to her husband, the couple got married with great pomp and circumstance. People from all walks of life rejoiced at their marriage.  She says that she will not have any problem as she has an understanding person in both their houses

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