Herne Katha – Story of Narayanapur Banke

Today story  of herne katha is from Narayanapur  Banke distrit, it has unique story of stick game. Herne Katha is a web series which is broadcasted in their official You Tube channel. It tells the stories of the ordinary people by the help of digital medias using digital electronic formats.

It also brings the web series in every 15 months in the social media platform which includes the You Tube. The first episode of “Herne Katha” was broadcasted on 1st March, 2018. This web series is presented by Bidhya Chapagain and directed by Kamal Kumar. It is presented through YouTube in a Nepali language. All the stories of this series are heart touching.

The series is just a fabulous. It just reflects the condition of different ordinary peoples of our country who are really deprived of education, health, good facilities of goods, transportation and many more. In spite of many more difficulties and hindrances, how they are struggling and uplifting their lifestyles and how they are becoming the better version by educating themselves. The way of taking interview of Bidhya Chapagain is really a heart touching. The series are liked by many Nepalese because of the simple, real stories and eye-catching scenarios where the sweet voce of Bidhya adds the fragrance in gold.

It doesn’t just give the information but also hits in our mind too. It presents the amazing real stories and a learning platform for many audiences. It tells how an ordinary people are surviving in a minimal goods and how they are overcoming through their miserable lives. The program is really an interesting one and people are loving the way of narrating style of Bidhya Chapagain.

This series brings the peace on the mind of many peoples. On the first episode of Herne Katha the presenter gets the chance to enter the Umme Ammar girl’s college Bhainskunda, Mayadevi Municipality of Kapilvastu district, where till that date no other journalist was allowed to enter the premises. At that college only girls are allowed to get the education where the formal as well as life skill education like-Stitching, sewing and many more handicapped works are taught to them.

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