Heroes Dilip, Ramit and comedian Sandeep feeding and watering the hungry due to corona

About a month and a half has passed since the coronavirus was crippled in Nepal. As the time of lockdown has lengthened, the Nepali people have started starving. In this situation, some personalities of the Nepali film industry have taken to the streets to help as much as they can. Similarly, hero Dilip Rayamajhi has taken to the streets to distribute water to the people in Sakad. The water distributed by Dilip has been a great relief to the people who have been forced to live on the side of the road after the lockdown. Along with Dilip, hero Ramit Dhungana is also sharing food and water. Apart from this, famous comedian and media person Sandeep Chhetri is doing miking by distributing food and water using PPE.

Comedian Sandeep Chhetri says that they have come to distribute food and water with the help of Intra Foundation. He said that anything can happen to people at any time and urged everyone to help as much as they can. Whatever the other time may be, but this time is only for a moment, he urges to become human. While the Nepali people are starving and thirsty in the streets, the big politicians of the country are vying for seats. Leaders who are in charge of the country and the people do not care about the hunger of the people. But people from other areas are working day and night to help the hungry and poor people. According to Sandeep, everyone has their own field of work. Therefore, the leaders are doing the same thing as it is their job to move the chair. He has been covered in heat and sweat for a few minutes wearing PPE and mask on his body. 24 hours a day, every day wearing PPE and Max in the front line of the health workers became emotional saying how much pain they have to suffer. He expressed his heartfelt condolences to all the health workers in Corona.

According to Nayak Ramit Dhungana, Nepali citizens are saddened by the lack of food. He said many complained that the government did not help anyone. He urged the government to take a look at the plight of the hungry people. He said that the weakness of the government was that the government did not care about the people and the people were starving. He said that food and water will be distributed in some places through this foundation.

According to Nayak Dilip Rayamajhi, the current work of the foundation is to help the people who are hungry due to Kodika. He also urged to follow the health standards in this epidemic. He said that if the government had given time to prepare before the strike, the people would not have gone hungry. He said that it would be much easier if the government provided some relief package. They have also requested all to help as much as they can.

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