Heroine of Kabaddi 4, Miruna Magar, the monk chairperson in the media

Demonstration has started against ‘Kabaddi-4’ actress Miruna Magar. The demonstration took place near KL Tower in Chabahil. Protesters have demanded that Magar apologize publicly.

They also burnt the poster of the movie ‘Kabaddi-4’. Miruna had slapped Phurba Lama, a Buddhist monk, saying that she had touched him badly. She was handed over to the police saying that she had been abused.

Police were investigating Lama in police custody for his indecent behavior. Meanwhile, Nepal Tamang Ghedung, Federal President Mohan Gole had gone to Vishal Bazaar in police custody to meet Lama Phurba Tamang, a monk from Mugu.

According to him, I had just met Lama Phurba Tamang in the custody of the police brigade at Bishal Bazaar and met him. He also talked to the brigade chief DSP.

Lama Phurwa belongs to Tamang Mugu. He has been studying Buddhist philosophy in Pharping for 18 years and is currently a laborer. Artist Dayahang Rai went to see a movie during his vacation as he is his favorite artist.

For the second time, Madam was pushing her mobile phone from behind and a hand touched her body. Then he sang, slapped, grabbed his ear. People who have never had such hair are afraid that something will happen after seeing the crowd. Tried to speak, no voice came. He said that he stopped breathing.

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