Himesh made his girlfriend public after losing the election

In the program “Dhamala Ko Hamala” which is broadcasted on Prime Times HD television, they discuss with famous personalities from different fields, their lives, struggles, works, and how many services have been provided to the concerned parties. Today’s episode has a special report on political, socio-economic, physical and artistic issues with comedians Himes Pant and Rajaram Paudel, who have become candidates from the newly emerged National Independent Party, leaving behind the old parties.

Himes, who was defeated from Dhading, has said that he will not run for office and will take some new methods for the country and the nation tomorrow. He said that even though he satirized the leaders of all sectors by entering the field of artistry in the past, he will be active in Nepali politics for social change in the future. He said that since we have not got our full vote, it would be better to stay in the opposition rather than join the government. After being elected from the old party and becoming the Prime Minister many times, he was unable to do anything and was working against the wishes of the people.

Rajaram has said that unionism should be abolished, it makes it difficult to keep the leaders and workers. He said that he liked the current election very much, as new faces have come after the old leaders, it has benefited him a lot. Himes said that even though his party’s majority is low now, he will get his full vote after 5 years. He has said that he is preparing for marriage after some time since he joined politics. After the distortions started spreading in Nepali politics, a new power was exposed when the common citizens stopped trusting the big parties and started moving towards independence.

Dhamala has been doing the work of continuously asking people’s questions with people from different fields, debating and finding answers to the questions. Political, economic, physical, social, with people from all walks of life, a program that talks about various issues, the attack of Dhamala has won the hearts of many viewers. Rishi Raj Hamala is the director of the program “Dhamala Ko Hamala” broadcast on Prime Television. video by : prime times television hd, station director / manager : Aman partap Adhikari , Chief marketing officer : Dipendra singh , Chief engineer : ER.shital raj Adhikari ,sr.producer : parjawal Raj sakya .

Rishi Dhamala, who has been in the field of communication for a long time and has been raising the problems of the people, has been debating with people from every sector in the program “Dhamala Ko Hamla”. Dhamala, who works continuously from 5 am to 12 pm, has been talking to people from all walks of life in Nepali society. Rishi, who attacks people through various questions, brings out the activities of many people in the Yash program. Dhamala, who has worked in newspapers since the age of 13, now runs live programs on radio and television.

The questions of Dhamala, who is also the president of Reports Club, have won the hearts of many people. Dhamala, who spent a long time in the field of communication in his life, has spent a long time in the field of communication even today. Along with Josh Jagar, Dhamala, who is in the field of communication, now says that special attention is given to catering. The reality of the happenings in the society has been brought out and everyone has to play a role in building a positive society. It is found that he insists on bringing the suffering of common citizens to the media and getting justice for them.

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