Holding granddaughter in her arms, Ramesh Prasai remembers the the moment of 7-day

Nanda openly praised her mother on the day of Nawaran, the daughter of Ramesh Prasai and Nanda Singh Prasai, the transformational youth of Nepali society.  She said that when Ramesh was 3-4 years old, she was a Chandal.  Ramesh Prasai has said that his daughter’s deeds have made her birth special. She has asked her daughter to understand her mother’s grief.  He said that when he remembers Krishna Kadel, he feels good deeds.

Ramesh Prasai, who has been listening to people since he was a child, was in favor of making himself a successful person. Ramesh Prasai is at the forefront of everything. He is equally good at singing and caricaturing.  The heart-wrenching Ramesh of the bad guys are immersed in every aspect. The Prasai couple, who gave birth to a daughter 17 days before the time given by the doctor, are very happy at home.  Everybody is happy to have a baby girl in the house of this couple who are engaged in social service. They have got a lot of congratulations on meeting her now, on phone, text message, on social media.

Nanda, who gave birth to her daughter at 7 o’clock in the morning, is a social person. Everyone appreciates her work.  Mr. Niraula was also present. Deepa Shree took her daughter in her arms and congratulated her.  She said that she had given her congratulations in my hand today. She said that she always responded to Deepa who was always worried about her. She said that her daughter was born to match her mother’s face.  The mother says that the health of both the daughters is normal.

Prasai is a successful person who has kept his thoughts from time to time in the politics, culture, material and social life of the country. He has also served many people. He is married to Nanda Singh Sheet who is involved in social service.  They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Prasai used to count the rewards he received for the poor and the needy.  He continued his journey with great hope. Prasai was a successful man who spent all his time in struggle. His work was loved by all.

The mother, who at first looked at the baby’s face, said that she could not say anything happily. The couple, who had struggled for a long time, were both blind.  This couple has become an inspiration to teach people how to live life. Struggling with happiness and sorrow in life, they have never bowed down to anyone.  As for the name of the daughter, Ramesh says that he will not take away the rights of others.

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