Holi Special Malpua In Nepali

Malpua is best for holi program specially in Terai region of nepal. Malpuwas is traditionally made in many home during holi, Thiar festival. Malpua is best with goat meat ,chicken meat as well as khir.
I am sharing this recipe of sweet malpua that every can make in their home easily. THis recipe can be made using cow or Buffalow milk or milk powder.

Ingredients are :
First of all we need 1 cup of suji and 2 cup of maida(flour) for this we need 1 cup of sugar/chini , to make better in test we need to add 1/2 tsp o sukmel/cardamom and dry fruits too. dried coconut1 tbsp sauf 1tsp baking powder 1tsp and finally milk 1/2 cups.
After all requirement we need to take big bucket and mixed it real nice, we need to be very careful when we put milk with other ingredients, we need to put little by little in it to make out past event better. we need to rest about 30 min for chini dissolve and soda fully function .
After that we need to add oil in deep pan and heat in medium flame. after check oil temperature you can use dadu so that you cannot spread the batter. after that the edge of that malpua turn crisp and golden color and after that you need to put it in sryp (chini pani) and take out in your plate and enjoy it.

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