Homemade JUJU Dhau| Homemade curd| Bhaktapur special JUJU dhau at home|

Juju Dhau of Bhaktapur reminds many of the delicious yoghurt. In today’s video, we are going to give information about how to make Juju Dhaun recipe.

For this, we have taken 2.5 liters of milk. Now we will boil this milk. This requires a lot of shouting. If it is thin, the milk will freeze or drip on the bottom of the milk quickly, so thick milk is needed. Now you have to grind a little ghee on the bottom of the pan. If ghee is pressed in this way, even if the flame is big, the milk will not boil at once. Then add milk to the pan. The reason why juju dhau is so sweet is that it takes a long time to cook and dry the milk while making yoghurt. So today I am trying to make 2 liters of yogurt. But half a liter of milk is taken for drying while cooking. Now you have to start cooking the milk in high flame. When the light milk starts to boil, add some sweetmeats. This gives the curd a sweet taste. If you don’t like the taste, you can take a bath.

After boiling the milk for about half an hour, add sugar to taste. If you make it sugar free, it can be done without sugar. Add sugar and stir for a while and turn off the fire. Now let it cool for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes in milk but frozen. But yoghurt can also be frozen without taking it out.

If you are storing yoghurt in a clay pot, it is best to put it in rice husk. If there is no straw, the blanket can be placed on the bottom. Put the pot on top as shown in the video and put the cooled milk in the pot. If earthenware is not available, it can be made into a plastic container. When making it in an earthen pot, it is better to make it in an earthen pot as the water in the milk dries well. After pouring milk in the pot, touch how hot it is. If it is hot, let it cool for a while.

Yogurt is needed to freeze milk. Mix milk and yogurt. Once the milk is warm, mix the milk and curd from above and add it. Now cover the jug of warm milk with a jug. Cover with a blanket. Cover and keep for 4 hours. After 4 hours, the yoghurt is frozen. However, the yoghurt is still hot and when shaken, the yoghurt moves, then cover it for 3 hours. Refrigerate overnight. After keeping it in the fridge overnight, the next day the yoghurt is frozen very well.
In this way, Bhaktapur’s sweet juju dhau curd can be made at home according to your own taste.

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