Honor an awards from the President to 28 people including Krishna Kadel, Shiva Pariyar and Arjun

If Nepali people show a positive path in the field of Nepali art, social service, journalism in any field, leading the country towards development, it is a matter of pride.  The Award and Honor is an important achievement in the field of Nepali art.  the name of a region in the field of music. Amrit Lal was born on December 25, 1925 in Kulchowk to Mohan Lal and Chappa Debi.

After losing his mother at the age of 5 years, and after losing his father at the age of 10 years, the name of Amrit Lak, who lived in his father’s house as a Pandit in Guheswari, was given to him by his father.  At the age of 7, he started playing the harmonium at the Guheswari temple.  The award is given by the President to the best talents of the country.

From this year’s Natikaji Puskar, famous singer, Samaj Sebi Krishna Kadel, famous singer Shiva Pariyar, Sugam Pokharel and others were honored by the President along with 28 artists who have been continuously working for the preservation of Nepali song, music and culture.  Artists living their lives in the field of Nepali art, considering their field of work as their life, struggled in any situation by engaging in music.  Struggling in the field of Nepali song and music for a long time, Arjun Pokhrel, who has made his own identity, has remained as a star.

Krishna Kadel, the artist and communicator who has been continuously advancing the steps of his struggle by establishing the Indreni program, has been the God of millions of people.  Adding a new dimension to the world of music.  Kadel, who has been gaining popularity through the Indreni program, now has a hand in preserving the old positive culture.  He has been regarded by the audience as the giver of life to the people.

The program has been conducted in the presence of high-ranking employees of the country, leaders, connoisseurs of music, veteran artists and people from all walks of life.  People are happy with what they have done in life, but when they get respect from the high-ranking people of the country, then they are constantly moving forward in their work.  When a person gets respect in his work, it gives him more motivation towards his work, which gives him more inspiration in his tongue, and makes him work harder in his work

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