Hosted by The Voice of Nepal, Rabi and Nikita provided food assistance to the technicians

The show of The Voice of Nepal Season 3, which has been closed , has started from Friday. Its director Laxman Poudel has informed that the knockout round will be aired from this year. But he said he would not sleep for two weeks on Saturday. He said that the spectators who were forced to stay indoors due to the corona infection were happy as soon as it started. He said that the voice will continue from this year.

Similarly, coach Pramod Kharel has also written a status on his Facebook before the broadcast of the voice. Coach Deep Corona is being treated at Hams Hospital for an infection. “Her health is improving and she will return to The Voice soon,” Pramod wrote in her status. A new series of knockout rounds will be aired this week and next Friday, followed by two weeks on Friday and Saturday.

While the corona infection is spreading in Nepal, Nepali artists and media workers are becoming very active. Similarly, journalist Rabbi Lamichhane and his wife Nikita are also actively involved in this. Accordingly, the couple has provided food to the film technicians who are in trouble due to Corona. Nikita, former chairperson of the Film Development Board and active in the film sector, has provided food aid to 18 technicians.

She also urged the technicians to provide all possible assistance. A few days ago, journalist Prakash Subedi also helped the technicians. Actress Karishma Manandhar, Captain Vijay Lama and actress Sumina Ghimire also provided financial support for the technicians.

Lately, the number of people infected with corona has been declining. On Friday, another 6,663 new infections were added in Nepal and 8,600 people were cured. According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 101 people have died due to corona. According to the ministry, corona infections were found in 4,624 out of 14,182 PCRs and 2,029 in 6,631 antigens. Recently, the government has issued a strict ban on the spread of corona infection in various parts of the country.

During the restraining order, the police have sent those who were walking without any reason. Police have also kept the vehicles under control without any reason. Transportation from one district to another has been banned. The Ministry of Health has stated that the corona infection will be brought under control if people do not reduce their mobility.

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