Hot talk of Jyoti

Singer Jyoti Magar, who has made a name for herself in Nepali folk song music, has come into the limelight at first due to her split. Jyoti has given her first interview with Rishi Dhamala on Himalaya Television. She said that Dhamala has become the darling of the Nepali people as she seeks answers to the questions in the minds of people from different walks of life, and seeks answers. She said.

Jyoti said that it is bad for a sage to ask a question, that it is difficult for him to give an answer. “It simply came to our notice then. “Everyone has the same right to live their life as they wish, because no one deserves a medal, no one hates themselves for commenting on others,” she said.

Jyoti, who is often bold in the program, said that even though she did not take much care of her body, she paid special attention to dresses and other things. She said that Jyoti Nepal is going to be the judge of folk star season two. She has given first priority to her folk songs. She said that she will get it. While people have been married two or three times, Jyoti says she has changed her party friends. She said that she would prepare to wear vermilion on the day when Jyoti was in a trance. She said that since she would be open when she did not get married, the requirement to get married in life was not applicable.

Singer Jyoti Magar, who has been making a splash in the Nepali art field, has been improving her old habits lately. The singer, who has established her identity in the field of Nepali art, is one of the singers who often appear in prime time television programs. Since music is a means of entertaining people by becoming a charioteer in happiness and sorrow, it is used to make a person fascinated in any situation like human beings. In the field of Nepali art, they express their heartache through music, while some of them have changed the pain and struggle of others into music by writing the same words.

Nepali artists, who have made their bright future by engaging in Nepali folk music, are found in abundance. Lately, Jyoti Magar is hardly unrecognized. Jyoti Magar Lok Dohariki is considered to be a promising celebrity, not everyone can stand with her in a double gown. Jyoti Magar was separated and acquainted with Dhade Biralo. In the early days, she was looked down upon by some people, but in recent times, she has changed her activities and is now becoming popular.

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