How are large physical structures built over the vast ocean?

We are also amazed when we think of the physical infrastructure built on the vast ocean. Imagine a ship floating on the ocean, and it’s amazing to hear about bridges, oil, and terminals. Some countries of the world are taking full advantage of the resources they have. So far, electricity has been generated over the sea. Today we are going to give information about such an amazing but really physical structure built over the ocean.

The depth of the sea is as frightening as the movement in the depths of the sea. Despite this, people have built huge structures over the sea. Man has performed such miraculous deeds with the help of his skills and engineering.
The Danger Wind Farm in Germany is one of them. Windmills, usually built on high mountains with strong winds, are set up here at sea. In 2015, the Germans started the North Sea Windmill Farm Project. From where 400 megawatts of electricity has been extracted. 400 MW of electricity provides complete light to 400,000 households.

It was not easy to project. How to build such a big windmill in the depths of the sea? To build a windmill in the sea, you had to build a heavy pipe. The pipes were 85 meters long and 8 meters wide. It also weighed up to 1,300 tons. Electricity generation has been started with 64 turbines and 154 meter rotors. Such a big project was completed in just 23 months.

The American Bridge of America is a historical heritage. By 2021, the bridge is in a dilapidated condition. This historic bridge was not likely to be torn down. The bridge could not be built for a long time because of the endangered animals in the sea. The bridge has been rebuilt according to a map drawn by the State of Minnesota. The bridge is one and a half kilometers long. A total of 5 supporting poles have been installed on this bridge. The bridge cost 700 million to build.

The Gulf of Mexico’s offshore oil plateau is also built over the sea. It has 29 floors and space as big as two big football grounds. This platform has been built for 40 years.

Large dams have been constructed for flood protection. A similar dam has been built on Healing Island in the UK. There are more than 2,000 homes on the island. A dam has been built there to protect the house from the waves. With the construction of the dam, the area has been protected from floods for a hundred years.

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