How are precious metals diamond and uranium produced?

Diamonds are considered as a precious commodity. Wearing shiny diamonds not only enhances the beauty of the person but also makes it more important. Many have heard of diamonds. But little is known about uranium. Many people do not care about uranium because it is not used in daily life. But the value of these two things, diamonds and uranium, is invaluable. As attractive as a diamond looks, it is difficult to shape it. In today’s issue we will discuss the mining of diamonds and uranium.

Uranium and diamonds are found only at high altitudes. In today’s issue we are going to discuss the scene of a diamond mine being mined in Siberian Diamond Mining, Russia. Workers are transported to the mine, which is about 3,280 feet below the ground, with the help of a lift, in the harsh winter of minus 50 degrees. The first phase of work begins. Engineers use high technology to track and find the diamond in the mine. When you see the stone shining on the wall inside the mine, you feel like there are diamonds all around. But in reality this is not the case. Even after much investigation, the diamond is identified and cut with a powerful drill machine. A trolley is already arranged to keep the rock safe. As per the instructions of the engineer, the stone in the wall is cut by the drill machine and put in the trolley. The cut rock is then loaded onto a trolley and lifted to a height of 3,000 feet. After being brought to the surface, the rocks are sent for processing.

In processing, a large crusher cuts the rocks and makes them fine. The cut rocks are sifted through a fine mesh and then cleaned with water. In this way, the rock containing diamonds is selected and kept. Useful rock is sent for further processing while useless rock is dumped.

The sifted rock is tested in a special type of X-ray machine. This machine puts the diamond rock on the side of the diamond and throws the useless one in the garbage. The selected rock is immersed in sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid melts the remaining stone in the diamond. Thus, when you reach this step, the diamonds and stones have been released. Now the diamond has reached the last but important step.

Diamond cutting and sep are of great importance. This last step is to cut and shape the diamond properly. Ready to go to market, the diamond is cut through a laser machine. The laser machine identifies the actual size of the diamond and cuts it accordingly.
Uranium is considered to be very deadly. It is a simple but deadly substance. Its processing is also very complicated.

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