How could Fulandevi can do this?

In Nepal, people are not left behind to spoil one’s good day by commenting on each other.  The club has been shutting down recently due to differences in the internal coordination of the comedy club. Due to various problems faced by the people, some of them are forced to give up their work.  No, sometimes it happens upside down. In life, people unknowingly do different kinds of weaknesses. There are different kinds of problems in human life.

In Mundra’s comedy club, Phulandeki’s mother is not a female character. Phulandeki’s mother is playing the role of a woman as a man. The club has to close down after leaving the club lately.  However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s.  He said that the program had to be closed as it was difficult to bring new guests.

Mundre told a news conference that Phulandeki’s mother had given birth to her. Phulandeki’s mother said that she had become famous even before the show.  Artists who present their art in different places, after a sudden hit, work independently and run their own programs.

According to Phulende’s mother, Phulende’s mother was born and her teacher was Phulende’s father.  Fulande’s Bau Mosam Limbu and Phulende’s mother Umes Rai had the opportunity to stage a show together in Hong Kong in 2018. They both made a good caricature that day and made the audience laugh.

People have commented that it was wrong for Phulende’s mother Umesh Rai to leave the comedy club in Mundre.  It would be better if Nepal did not leave the program until another artist was born. Jitu Nepal also said that the program should be stopped immediately after leaving the program. Nita Raut said that the work done by Nita Raut was wrong.  Many people have commented that it is wrong to leave in the middle and start a new journey.

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