How did his country become unsafe for Jack Ma?

Chinese billionaire and e-commerce site Alibaba founder Jack Ma is reportedly hiding in Japan. Even though he failed many times in his life, his hard work and continuous efforts made him successful once. The Guardian has written the fact that he is currently hiding in Japan with his family saying that he is not safe in China.

The fact that he is hiding in Japan with his family because there is no security in China is currently heating up the social network. Two years ago, at a conference in Shanghai, Chinese regulatory bodies criticized the treatment of technology companies. He said that Jack ma’s statement is that in order to do the right thing, one has to make a mistake and by correcting it, people have to discover the right path. Jack ma said that people can reach the right path by correcting their mistakes and weaknesses in life.

Jack ma, who had failed many times in his life, was looking for a successful path in life. Jack ma, who introduced a successful person by correcting his mistakes, is now applying the same path to everyone. If one rule is to be added, the old three rules should be abolished. But by piling up unnecessary rules, the state is encouraging violations of the rules,” was Jack Ma’s comment. He was of the opinion that China’s leadership and regulatory bodies do not understand that innovation is about correcting mistakes.

It has come out that it is necessary to go and live abroad when you don’t feel safe in your own country. He said at the conference that the inventions made for the future cannot be bound by ancient rules. He was of the opinion that in order to progress in life, research and work should be active. President Xi Jinping was angered by China after he opposed the government’s policy of trying to discourage tech companies.


Jack Ma has been living outside China, saying he feels unsafe when he opposes government policies. The Guardian mentioned that the Financial Times revealed on Tuesday that Jack Ma has been living in Japan for 6 months. Earnings at Jack have halved as regulators crack down on Alibaba. His wealth has increased from $50 billion to $21.7 billion. The regulatory body has frozen 34 billion of Alibaba’s money in the stock market and has also ordered the sale of the South China Morning Post owned by Ma.

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