“How did Kamala survive in the cold of the forest for three days before she died?”

Kamala Archaya, who hails from Rupakot Majwagadi Municipality, Khotang District, has been studying for her crops at Ojetika, at the house of her uncle Dilliram Acharya in Ward No. 1 of Morang’s Sundar Hairaicha Municipality.  Kamala called her brother at home and told him that I would go to Mama’s house. The next day, Anita called and said that this would be my three-day class. She said goodbye to her friend.  She was shocked when she found Kamala in critical condition in Kanepokhari forest by phone.  After hearing this, the woman was digesting it. After reaching a little further, she found a girl in a semi-conscious state, who was sleeping while feeding her water.  She says she has been here for three days.

When Aunty Kamala reached there and questioned her, she said that she had lost her uterus while walking in the car. She said that she had bought rat poison and ate it.  She said that she had been in the jungle for three days, but since her mobile phone was not charged, she had a 15% charge on her mobile phone for three days.  The demand has been met. People who have gone for hay treatment have taken other people to a nearby hospital for treatment after informing the administration.  Has stated.

Kamala, who has passed 12th standard, is also said to have excelled in her studies.  The video went viral after local Nisa Poudel posted it on her Tiktok account. She had deleted the video after many scolded Nisa.  She said the video was deleted after people started abusing her saying that she was trying to make a ticket instead of rescuing it with the opposite meaning.

According to Dhan Bahadur Rajbansika, Inspector at the Area Police Office, Patharika, the girl herself had taken rat poison.  According to the post-mortem report, the report is yet to be received and the girl has been sent to Kathmandu for further investigation.  According to her uncle Yubaraj, Kamala, who is good at studies, did not want to go to her friend’s house.

The incidence of heinous crimes such as suicide, murder and rape has been increasing day by day in recent times.  People are continuing their moments of struggle. Why did Kamala, who came out to go to her friend’s house, use the medicine, did she take the medicine willingly, or did she have to take the medicine for some reason? That has become the subject of research.

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