How does Israel Air Defense system work

The war between Israel and Palestine is escalating. At the same time, re-use of Iron Dome has
started. A 13-storey Palestinian building was destroyed by an Israeli missile fired last Saturday.
Many lives have been lost so far in the war between the two countries. In today’s series we are
going to give information about what is Iron Dome.

Several rockets were fired at Israel from the Palestinian cannabis area. But 90 percent of the
rockets were destroyed in the sky through the Iron Dome. The Iron Dome is considered to be the
world’s best anti-missile. In fact, Israel’s Iron Dome is an air defense. The dome was jointly built
by Israel’s Rafale Advanced Defense System and Israel Aero Space System. The United Nations
was created with the help of the United States. The high-tech Iron Dome is a small air defense
system that easily destroys rockets in the air.
The war between Israel and Palestine has escalated into violence. Meanwhile, a civil war has
erupted in Israel. According to news sources, more than 145 Palestinians have been killed in the
war. Also, more than 900 people have been injured. Rocket fire from the marijuana area is still
ongoing, and Israel is taking military action.
Israel’s Dome has said it will destroy rockets and drones in the sky. The Israeli military says it
works both day and night. It has also provided security for Israeli ships at sea. Israel is currently
building an iron dome for the United States. Named the Sky Hunter. After all, why is Israel
building the Iron Dome?
In 2006, Israel fought a war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Enemies fired thousands of rockets at
Israel. At the time, Israel had built the Iron Dome to repel rockets. Since then, it has been
developing and improving. Israel has been protecting its citizens through the Iron Dome since
Everyone may be interested in how the Iron Dome works. It is an air defense system that can
work at any time. It checks the range and target and sounds the siren. After the siren goes off, the
citizens have 30 to 90 seconds to be alert. Then, guessing the target, the Iron Dome attacks and
destroys the rocket in the air. This defense system has the ability to destroy more than 2000 rocket at a time.

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