How has the Indian tour of Prem Geet 3 promotions been?

The teaser of the much awaited movie of the year ‘Prem Geet 3’ was released from the important role of the team which has been struggling in the Nepali film industry for a long time.  The arrival of famous singer Pawandeep Rajan along with hero Pradeep Khadka heroine in Kolkata, India for movie promotion made the event even more popular.  While the movies are being released one after the other, some of them have got a good market while some of them have not even been able to raise the investment.

The Nepali team in the promotion of Prem Geet 3, a popular movie in Nepal and India, is currently getting a lot of attention.  When Pradeep Khadka arrived in India for the promotion of Prem Geet 3, which will be released on the same day in Nepali and Hindi languages, the girl hugged Pradeep on stage and cried.  As Nepali movies continue to hit the mark even abroad, the enthusiasm of the film production team was added.  Pradeep said that since there is a difference of 14 minutes between Nepali and Hindi movies, the audience will be happy no matter who watches the movie.Geet has said that since it is her first movie, she is very excited. After watching the movie, she is thinking about what kind of reaction she will get from the audience.  The production team has released the teaser of the movie in both Nepali and Hindi languages.  The teaser of the movie looks very attractive.  The sound work in the Hindi language teaser is very attractive.  In the movie showing the real life of man showing love, he said that man will find himself somewhere.

Vishwa Bhari Ma movie, Santosh Sen is very busy before going to Mumbai.  Directed by Cheten Gurung and Santosh Shen, the film stars Pradeep Khadka and Christina Gurung in lead roles.  Santosh Sen has said that he has done leg-pulling for Prem Geet 3, which he says makes him feel bad.  Produced under the banner of Ashushen Films, the film stars Shiv Shrestha, Pushkar Karki, Maotse Gurung, Manish Raut and others.

The movie is produced by Santosh Shane and has Chakra Bahadur Chand and Dumbar Bikram Shane as executive producers.  The team, which has been struggling in the field of art for a long time, including new artists, has presented the events that occur in people’s lives through digital media.  Santos Sen has said that since the movie is made covering the story of Nepali society, Betha, people will find themselves.

Santosh Sen has said that the movie “Prem Geet 3” featuring leading actors will win the hearts of the audience.  Shiv Shrestha, Bhuvan KC have said that Prem Geet 3 is well made.  Bhuvan Casey, Shiv Shrestha, who have been fighting continuously in the Nepali film industry for a long time, have said that the artists should work together to advance the Nepali film industry and promote the film industry.  He said that movies containing original Nepali stories will uplift Nepali language and culture.

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