How Junga Bahadur Rana Reclaimed New Country?

The Prime Minister of Nepal Shri 3 Jung Bahadur Rana had left Lucknow with his party for Allahabad.  Rana said that December 10, 1857 to March 30, 1858 were hard days for him.  Nabab Ramzan Alikhan, an Indian citizen, and Nabab Marija joined the Nepal Army on their side and made an agreement by planning to drive out the British.  As the British tried their best to eradicate the religion and culture of Nepal and India, they stepped up their efforts to end it.

It seems that people who have reached high positions in Nepal are involved in wrongdoing.  Jahaniya Rana ruled Nepal for 103 years.  During the Rana period, many people had to suffer, the common people have been victimized by the people who have reached high positions, and the small class has always been a victim, just like Ain Thuloi is called Chen.  Even though the common people have to suffer a lot, the big class is always having fun.  Ordinary people have to live as a means of entertainment for the big class. Nepal’s leaders are having fun going abroad. They have spent a lot of money not only in the country but also abroad.

Jung Bahadur Rana is one of the most married prime ministers of Nepal. Rana, the eighth prime minister of Nepal, had a one-armed rule for three decades.  King Rajendra Bikram had an immoral relationship with his youngest daughter. There were about 1000 beauties in the court of Jung Bahadur Rana.

After 11 years from Susare, after giving birth to a child from Susare, Bhandar Khal was married to her for the third time after the festival.  His first marriage was to Huda Laxmi when he was 7 years old. He had gone to Benaras, India when he was unemployed and his wife had died when he returned home. He had married his sister-in-law after becoming the Prime Minister.

Rana, who got married for the fourth time, had also paid for the abduction of Jagendra Laxmi by tying her husband and taking her away to Sali.  Jang Bahadur Rana became the Prime Minister after the bloodshed of many people including the then Prime Minister Fateh Jung Sah at the Kot Festival.  .

Jung Bahadur, who was in Upathero from Guru Prasad, had stayed in India after his visit to Europe.  Jung Bahadur had got married to Guruprasad’s sister-in-law nine times after seven years of Kotparb.  In Europe, a feudal lord born in Labura Pele Puppet Island from a feudal lord had an illicit affair.

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