How long will Nepal, India and the border dispute remain silent? border encroachment of nepal

Although border disputes between India and China, which share a border with Nepal, have occurred from time to time, no solution seems to have been reached so far. Even though the two countries have nuclear weapons facilities, globally, they occupy 35% of the world’s population and 21% of GDP.

The border dispute between India and China is one of the oldest border disputes in the world. It is divided into three sections. The first stretches to the east of Bhutan, where the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, China claims to be part of southern Tibet, the second stretches to the narrowest part of the stretch between Nepal and Bhutan, with 50 miles of land, albeit a small area. It is a strategic area for India. It connects the far eastern part of India with a large part.

The third section is claimed by Bhutan in addition to China and India, its section goes to the north of Tibet, bordering India’s Ladakh region and China’s Aksai border, with China and India bordering each other. There is dissatisfaction with the boundaries drawn on the disproportionate beard. China claims to have forged historical and cultural ties with the citizens of the Indian border, while the Ladab region is an example of an independent movement, paving the way for the annexation of the Ladab region.

There was already a brief war between India and China in the Ladab border area, which was started by the Tibetan uprising of 1959, which resulted in violent clashes. In terms of maintaining peace between India and China, although India and China remain calm until 2017, border disputes have been escalating in recent times, with both sides strengthening border forces. In 2017, when the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) began work on a road in the Dokla area of ​​Bhutan, India responded by sending troops to the area.

The two countries have maintained security barriers along the border since mid-June 2020, when a large-scale clash erupted between the two sides. While the border between China and India is being divided, India has been pursuing a policy of economic empowerment to promote tourism activities in the areas of Nepal’s land, Kalapani, Limpiyadhura, Lipulek and others. Nepal’s border is not only with India but also with China. India has annexed 60627 hectares of Nepal’s land

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