How much is Ravi Lamichhan property, how much does he earn in a month?

Television presenters are as controversial as they are popular. The social issues he raises have given him a buzz. Ravi Lamichhane, who makes the problem of Nepalis in foreign employment a news item, has become a favorite character of everyone for the same reason. He has also rescued many Nepalis who are facing difficulties abroad.

He has also been dragged into controversy from time to time for raising the issue of corruption and political affiliation. But in any case, they are the voice of anyone who has been subjected to injustice and oppression, so no matter how much controversy there is, the people have not given up. Lamichhane, who was born in Bhaktapur on September 6, 2031 BS, is seen as the trust of Sidhasada Nimukha.

Recently leaving News24 television, he has been running programs on his own ‘Galaxy 4K’ for some time now. This question has been raised in the minds of all the corrupt people.

But while in Nepal, he earns more than one lakh a month. Rabbi’s earnings he earns from various programs and advertisements. But he keeps some of his earnings and spends it on social services. Similarly, his total assets range from Rs 30 million to Rs 40 million.

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