How much money was spent on whose wedding? What kind of jewelry did they wear?

Famous Nepali celebrities are getting married in a big way, some of them have got married on the spur of the moment, some of them have spent excessively, bringing something new to the Nepali society. Since people marry openly once in their life, it has been found that they spend openly in their own way in marriage. When the Nepalese actresses got married, some of them got married in a normal way so as not to cause trouble to others because of me, while some of them got married with pomp.

A few years ago, when Nepal’s famous actress Anchal Sarma got married to businessman, Dr. Udip Shrestha, the lehenga Anchal wore in her wedding was widely discussed. He said that he will get married once in his life and said that he wore a lehenga worth 1.6 lakhs in his wedding. There was a lot of discussion. From bringing Anchal to the wedding from a helicopter, from wearing expensive clothes to jewelry, he spent no effort. Her clothes were discussed more than her wedding party.

Lately, when actress Nita Dhungana and astrologer and hero Harihari Adhikari got married, Harihar’s hand to Nita at her reception party has been discussed a lot. After turning 4 years of love into marriage, he had a wedding reception at an expensive five-star hotel in the capital. On the day of the party, there was a lot of talk about Harihar’s 2.5 lakh necklace to Nita. He said that only 9 lakhs was spent for the decoration of the party, which was attended by celebrities from the film industry and even politicians. It is said that he spent more than 1 crore on his marriage.

By acting in the Nepali film industry and music videos, she made her own identity, the actress Kiki Adhikari got married to Rohit Tiwari, a sutuk businessman. Although an electronic engineer, he has operated various businesses. Now he is the CEO of Gamro Bazar and the founding CEO of Foot Mario. Although Kiki’s wedding is not accompanied by so much pomp, she spends a lot on clothes and jewelry.

Actress Varsha Sivakoti also tied the knot with Ashish Gyawal, who was living in America, after Kiki’s marriage. Barsha got married in the Indian culture after the rain interrupted the wedding ceremony by inviting only close friends. Singer Indira Josi and Sarad Kedia’s marriage has been completed recently. Sarad turned the long love of three years into marriage. The wedding, which was concluded at a lodge in Chitwan, was attended by family and close friends including close friends. It is said that more than 1 crore is spent on his marriage.

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