How powerful is Hamas in Palestine?

The war between Israel and Palestine has stopped. A total of 248 people, including 66 children, have been killed in the fighting since May 10. Israel and Palestine have agreed to end the 11-day war. The United Nations Security Council has called for a ceasefire through negotiations. The Council has also drawn the attention of the countries concerned to provide assistance and the damage caused by the war in the region along with the ceasefire.

In the 11-day war, Hamas fired more than 4,000 rockets. Is Hamas capable of launching so many rockets? Or the question of whether other countries are helping Hamas. In today’s series we will discuss Hamas rocket attacks. There have been repeated wars between Israel and Palestine. Preparations are underway for an agreement between the two countries to end the war that lasted from May 10 to 11. An Egyptian team was in Israel on Saturday for peace talks. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is also set to visit the Middle East in a few days. Hamas, the Palestinian army that controls Israel and marijuana, is announcing its victory. The war killed more than 250 people with marijuana. Following the ceasefire decision on Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it was “extraordinary” for Hamas to end its rocket attacks from the air. He also said that if Hamas thought it would tolerate the simple speed of rockets, it was their delusion.

The Palestinian army, Hamas, has claimed victory in the war. Saying that the last stage has opened a new door, he said that victory in the coming war will be his own. Israel has claimed victory in the war, while Hamas has declared victory. But the greatest damage during the war was in the marijuana sector. In this war, Israel’s Iron Dome missile appears to have succeeded in destroying a rocket fired by Hamas. It has managed to thwart thousands of rockets. Hamas reportedly fired 4,000 rockets into Israel. The question is where Hamas got so many weapons.

Hamas reportedly used pipes and concrete to make rockets. Analysts say Hamas built the rockets with Iranian help. Most of the rockets are said to be short-range and short-range. The Israeli prime minister has claimed that Iran has provided Hamas with rocket designs. Hamas could not have launched so many rocket attacks without Iran’s help. Hamas is said to have designed rockets and drones similar to those in Iran.

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