How Corona Test Swab and Gloves are made and recycled in India by villagers

The current outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has become a pandemic. All COVID-19-affected countries in the world are implementing containment interventions and trying their best to fight against the disease to halt the further spread of the infection and to reduce mortality.

The public health workforce and healthcare staff in clinical settings are playing a crucial role in the early detection of cases, contact tracing and treatment of patients. The availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) and their consistent, proper use by healthcare providers and public health professionals is a crucial factor in combating any infectious disease in a crisis. The requirement of PPE has exponentially increased, as more and more countries are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rapid spread of the pandemic has created a temporary shortage of PPE in many countries, including India. The lack of PPE has affected the morale of healthcare workers (HCWs) and other frontline warriors in fighting the coronavirus disease, as more than 22,000 health workers in 56 countries have suffered from COVID-19. Some of them have succumbed to it across all countries, including India (WHO). We have reviewed the available literature to understand the challenges in ensuring adequate availability and consistent use of PPE and the strategies for the rational use of PPE in India.

As the second wave of Corona has already heated the world in a very rapid way. Tremendous numbers of people are being attracted by this virus day by day and many lives are being taken to the heaven. the whole world is suffering from it including the different countries like-Nepal, China, India, Bangladesh and many more. Among them, Indian and Nepal have been in a top list during recent days. As we all know, it is spreading like a flu at past but we also have different effective ways to save from this virus. As we all know “precaution is better than cure” so, being a far-sighted individual, we have to think about our life, our family life, our society life, our nation life and more over the life of all people of this universe.

Dr. Arbind Kumar from India has given a very effective ways to save our life from this virus. According to him, this virus has two stages for attracting any individual. The initial stage last for about 5-7 days in which person suffers from common cold, body ache, eye irritation, diarrhea and slight fever. Then the virus attracted the lungs of a person during the second stage, which is seen between 8 to 14 days.

If a person is in an initial stage and he/she is home isolated, then it is a good idea to do deep breathing and breath holding exercise as per the suggestion of doctor or expertise in the respective field. This exercise will be very effective in providing the three major benefits which includes the increasing of breath capacity and breath holding time, decreases the requirement of oxygen in our body and the last one is it helps to give the signal if there occurs any issue in the lungs.

We can know the defeat on our lungs by just holding our breath for a specific period of time, if we cannot hold the breath as an average person, then we have to consult to a doctor for our further treatment. We can check our breathing level by just holding our breath for about 25 to 30 seconds, and if we do not have excessive pain in the chest, and have a normal breathing of 24 to 26 times per minute, then clinically the lungs are good enough and are not affected by the corona virus. Life is more precious than any other things in the world so, it is our duty to save our life and the life of our loved ones . Stay calm and safe stay at your own home during this pandemic period so that you can also play a major role in saving the life of many people.

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