How responsible is Unified Socialism in the bed of the government

The parties are opened with the aim of uniting for the development and change of the society. Even in Nepal, many parties have been opened with different objectives till date.  And after the election, the leaders are also disappearing. The bigwigs also claim that there are less people and more leaders in Nepal. Even in a country with 15-20 times more people than Nepal, there are not as many parliamentarians as Nepal.
After the establishment of federalism, the BJP and the CPN (Maoist) had formed an alliance.  Good manners were maintained. The government was run smoothly for 3 years. When the time for separation of responsibilities was over. Then the tunnel of division started to open between the two.  After the leaders and cadres started quarreling saying that they liked it, there was tension within the party.
After a short spate of divisive leaders and activists, the former CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist remained in the party. The government also fell after the party split.  A new party, the Unified Socialist Party, was born under the chairmanship of Madhab Kumar Nepal, saying that no one’s sentiments were appreciated.
Yuba Berg has also shown some new interest after the completion of the new party, the Unified Socialist Party.  Bhusal says that the people who believe in multi-party democracy of the people cannot stay in the UML, says Bhusal.The party has formed a 301-member central committee comprising 18 members, 7 vice-chairmen, 3 deputy general secretaries, 4 secretaries, 35-member local committee, 71-member political bureau member Baikalpik under the chairmanship of Madhab Kumar Nepal.  This is not a new process. The process of splitting and joining the party is going on continuously.

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