How to acquire peace and wealth together in life

People do not understand their language. They live in a show inside and outside. Dr. Yogi Bikashananda says that people have two lives.  Life has to be lived in two ways. To live life in one way is to cut off one leg of a person and reach the destination. He has to jump in many places.  We have to live in two ways, not one way. Life is hard because we live one way.

We are not living, we are living as if we are alive.
Dr.  The yogi says that building a house, eating a job, adding clothes, adding wealth is the world of earning. What do we do for life and but ask others what is life?  Happiness is in life, not in the world, we work hard only for the world, so you earn a lot of wealth, but you never get happiness.  The worst way is to get involved in drugs, alcohol, rape, theft, robbery, bad business and ruin your life. Because he doesn’t understand his own language.

The story of Dr. Yogi Mullanarsidin , a man was looking for something in the street light and came out of a wallet 2 hours later.  My gold coin and money are lost. I am looking for the same. The wallet asks again, “Where was the green?” He answers that he was lost in the bush.  The wallet that seeks to find the same thing in the light abuses the radish. He says that one should look for wealth outside but one should look for contentment, knowledge, happiness, salvation inside.  He did not even try to understand life.

Dr. Bibekananda says that there are plenty of people in our society who are blind even though they have eyes in the matter of life.  He is very stressed because he can’t understand it. It plays a role of both good and bad. Listening, reading knowledge works for the world.  You have to think about building a house, getting married, performing miracles, discovering science, even buying fruits from the market.  People who do not study are poor, poor and foolish.
When listening to something, you should listen carefully, not carefully. Food should not be considered, but when buying the same, you should buy only with consideration.  Being is not a one-sided life. You have to embrace both ways of life. Only then can people be prosperous and satisfied.

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