How to make children INTELLIGENCE ?

Every parent thinks that their children should be educated and great. How do children learn?
Many parents do not know this. If so, today we are informing you about a formula or tips.
Here are some simple tips to help you make your son or daughter great. The tips are to tell your
child the story every day. Do you think that listening to Jabo’s story makes you great? Of course
it happens. While listening to a story, one imagines some scenes along with the story. The scene
corresponding to the words spoken in the story is being memorized.

Some may think that a video, a picture or a movie can be shown instead of a story. In this world
made small by science and technology, some reports show that children are increasingly
consuming mobile as well as electronic items. The minds of children watching any movie or
video are getting weaker day by day. Because when you listen to a story, your brain has to
imagine. Which creates an image of one millions. Just like when a big elephant comes, he imagines
an elephant with big teeth. The biggest part of people’s mentality is imagination. If he sees a
picture without listening to the story, he cannot imagine it. Therefore, his mentality is getting
weaker. Just as a dog that we always carry with us cannot hunt, so our brains cannot function
without challenges. The more the brain is not active, the weaker we become.
Scientist Einstein Albert said, “If you want your child to be intelligent, or if you want to be
intelligent yourself, cut down on watching movies and pictures, listen to stories a lot.” But even
inside the mobile, there are stories. It’s all up to us to decide what to look for and what to listen
Man is a creature that does everything if it is forced, it cannot do anything if it is not forced. A
good example of this is the English film Robinson Cruz. Where a ship from the UK to Africa
crashes and only one character, Robbins, survives in remote Ireland. The character spends 28
years in that place. Where there is no human settlement. He farms there, raising wild animals.
The son of a British businessman lives alone in Ireland. What can be learned through this film is
that a person learns in the same way in which he is placed.
Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. So if you want to make your
children wise, start telling stories today. Also listen to the story yourself.

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