How to trade the stock market? How to earn?

There is a lot of discussion going on in Nepal’s stock market at the moment. Experts say that
Nepal’s share market will rise in a few more years. Due to this, the number of people investing in
the stock market is increasing. For many, this is a good way to start investing, as it is possible to
do business online. It has been stated that those who have been investing in the stock market for
many years have a good source of income by understanding the experience.

We are going to talk to Gyanendra Lal Pradhan, who is soaked and experienced in today’s series
share market. He says he has been interested in the stock market since the 1980s. While he was
studying in India, his friends used to invest all their money in stocks. He says that he has been
involved in this field since then. He said that the investment of Rs 10,000 that he had invested in
1982 has now reached Rs 10 billion. He said that the opportunity to invest based on the situation
in the country comes from the stock market. He has the experience that the stock market
provides good opportunities for investment in various industries such as steel companies and
cement industries.

He said that for the first time in Nepal, the family invested Rs 10 million in the Nepali stock
market in 1990. It is felt that all the money has sunk due to not knowing how to trade the
investment. In his experience, even large and small investors have been drowning due to the
inability to analyze the company. He then took various classes for the stock market. He has been
investing in the Nepali market for many years. However, he says that he still has a lot to learn in
this field. He feels that he does not know many things.

He said that simple profit should be taken to collect investment in Nepali stock market. He said
that those who have been following the market boom have been drowning their investments.
According to him, the stock market is a market for cultivating lies. Where companies have been
raising investment by lying. Like every other sector, this sector has been reaching out to
investors on false pretenses. He also said that the scattered investment should be brought
together and lumped up.

However, he said that if every company could be analyzed and invested, the investment would
not be at a loss. He said that out of his investment, Chilime Hydro has made billions of rupees.

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