Lalmohar, Kathmandu’s transformation plan and what Balen Sah says about Kesab established. Lalmohar EP 29.

In the weekly program Lal Mohar, which is aired on galaxy 4k television, the mayor of Kathmandu sub-metropolitan city, after receiving the nomination from UML, has had a special debate with Kesab Sthapit.  There have been allegations of abusing a woman and insulting the Chief Minister. Her development plans are also of a unique nature.

Believing that he and his party have done a great job, believing that no one else can do business like him, Kesav established himself in 2054 with 84,000 votes and is now committed to winning by double the number of votes due to population growth.  People are shocked.  He said that since people have old style, they have to break it and move on to new sali.  He said that Balen and Sah, who are in the news among the younger generation, will only get in the news and he is sure to win.  He has been constantly struggling to change the political system and situation in recent times, and now he seems to be facing many challenges, even with the support of the people.

Ramesh Prasai is a born blind person, he used to be very fearless in public.  A person who is known as a successful person in the world is also considered as a hero of the Nepali people who teaches how to build a living way of society.  There is hardly a person who is so fearless in him, who does not bow down in front of Prasai, his words tend to shake the negative gadibidhi.  Perseverance in the direction of social change by constantly speaking in the society, to be an inspiration for thousands.  Ramesh Prasai used to express his views on socio-political material repeatedly.  Lamichhane said that he was able to bring his talent into the society, with the aim of playing an important role in building the society.

After a long period of mutual understanding and consultation between them, the two of them decided to run a program in the newly opened program by Ramesh.  The program run by Prasai will become a force to be reckoned with, which will play an important role in changing the society.  His goal is not only to uplift the society, but also to take initiatives for the solution of the problem, to make the program a real change.

As the people were told only on false assurances, when development was not done, every word of Prasai used to be strong.  People are happy with Prasai’s speech and words.  It is said that Ramesh Prasai’s Lal Mohar program will be presented from galaxy 4k to different colleges every week, asking questions on various issues, paving the way for a solution.  No, he claims that the answer to the question and the solution will also be found

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