Human settlement is possible on Titan, not Mars

Many researches are being done on the moon to save the human world saying that the life span of the earth is short. Meanwhile, scientists are researching which planets are most suitable for human habitation in the solar system. In this context, a fact has been discovered that is a matter of success for scientists, as well as a matter of happiness for the entire human settlement. Saturn is the second largest planet in the Solar System. Which is about one hundred and fifty million kilometers away from the sun. This distance is ten times the distance between the earth and the sun. Because it is so far from the Sun, Saturn’s average temperature is much lower than Earth’s. Due to this, there is no existence of life on this planet. But there is a moon orbiting the planet that has the potential for life.

Saturn’s moon Titan where the possibility of human life is seen. There are more than two hundred moons in the solar system. The largest moon is Ganymede. It orbits Jupiter. Similarly, Titan is the second largest moon in the solar system as the second largest moon. It is also special for people. It is the only planet on the moon to have a dense Earth-like atmosphere. In the 1980’s, scientists said that Titan was our largest moon in the solar system. But in 1980, as the Voyager spacecraft passed close to Titan, it became clear that Saturn’s moon was not the largest.

In 2004, the Gasinis spacecraft was sent to gather more information about Titan. At that time, Titan’s Atmos Fair was found to contain 95 percent nitrogen and 5 percent methane gas. These gases move at high wind speeds. Titan’s South Pole has many lakes of methane. In 2014, scientists discovered a unique fact about these lakes. Many large bubbles of nitrogen gas form in these lakes. Which look like islands and disappear on their own. Scientists named the island Magic Island.

Scientists say today’s Titan situation could help humans settle in the future. Six billion years from now, when the Sun ceases to exist and becomes a Red Giant Star, Titan will be in the Sun’s habiginal zone. As soon as you reach that area, the temperature will reach the level of today’s sun. Which will keep the sea stable. If this really happened, Titan would take the place of the earth and human existence would begin there. Scientists today have discovered that Titan will be habitable in the future.

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