Human skeleton found in Dang

Human skeletons have been found in the forest at Ghorahi Letar in Dang district. The human
skeleton found on Monday has not been confirmed. His family has expressed suspicion that
some of the items found with the skeleton may belong to Devendra Oli, a journalist from Dang.

Devendra Oli, who works at Swargaddhari FM in Dang, has been missing for the past three
months. His family has not received any information about him for the past three months. After
finding his jacket, shoes and watch along with the human skeleton found in the forest, his family
suspected that the body may have belonged to Devendra. However, Devendra’s father said that it
was not a suicide but a murder as the shirt and bombile he was wearing were not found with him.
Devendra, who works at Swargaddhari FM, had been missing from his sister’s room since
January 30. The locals had informed the police after finding the skeleton in the forest. As
Devendra Haray’s report reached the police, the police took his family to the spot. According to
his father, 90 percent of the skeleton belonged to Devendra. Whether the skeleton belongs to
Devendra or not will be known only through DNA test.

Devendra Rapti was studying in the first year of graduation at the education campus. An incident
had taken place before he disappeared. He opened a fake book ID in the name of a young woman
studying in the same class with Devendra and posted negative statuses. After finding the ID
logged in Devendra’s mobile, the girl had lodged a complaint with the campus administration and
the police.

Her father claims that Devendra disappeared from the campus. Devendra, who had left a bag of
books in the classroom, did not come to the campus for three days. There was no information
about Devendra’s disappearance from FM for a few days.

The girl, who is said to have opened a fake ID, also said that it was Devendra who opened the
ID. She said that she had heard from others that Devendra liked her but did not say anything to
her. He says that he made the ID of his name and wrote the status by writing obscene words. She
said that her character was killed due to such action of Devendra. Devendra, who is a good friend
in the class, did not think that he could do such a thing. However, she said that she had lodged a
complaint with the campus administration only when the ID was found logged in Devendra’s
mobile phone. But she said that even before Devendra’s disappearance, she did not treat him

Devendra’s father has demanded a DNA test report as soon as possible. He said that if the
skeleton belongs to his son, it should be repaired in time and he should not be confused for a
long time. He also demanded to find the killer and take legal action against him as his son did not
commit suicide but committed murder.

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