Humility Singer Dharmendra, you are now ashamed to give birth to a child.

Artists Namrata Sapkota and Dharmendra Sewan, who have made a name for themselves in the field of Nepali song music, have unveiled a special new song. With the removal of the lockdown in recent times, new songs are coming in the market day by day. The song “Ahyo, rahyo, sahyo” has hit the market. The title of this song means I love you.

Dharmendra has said that he has taken various initiatives to instill humility in the song. Wherever the meaning of a word is taken, the reaction is accordingly. In the video, three friends are betraying humility, two of them are very close to each other, they have known each other for 11 years, he said.

The couple, who met on the day of Holi, are still entertaining people. Dharmendra said that he also got married and that having children after marriage would be a lot of fun for him to play with. He said that since people have different goals and perceptions of their own life, humility can also be a wave of giving birth to children after fulfilling their heart’s desire.

He said that since various incidents have taken place in the society, he has been working accordingly and everything will be in order when the time comes. He said that humility makes a person feel bad when he speaks wrongly, saying that he should not speak so badly as a girl, even if he feels right, who can hear with his ears and cannot see with his eyes. “People are different from what they say from the inside out,” she said. As the two are close friends, they have the opportunity to learn a lot from each other, he said.

She says that one cannot be loved by all, no matter how much one wants to be loved by others, and that one will never give up being loved by oneself even if one is not loved by others. Looking at the society, people have left thousands and millions of dreams in the middle of their minds, which has caused a lot of misery in the life of the people. She said that Dhamendra brings her songs to the market by including the things she has experienced and seen in her life. She said that she does not have to worry too much about what others have said in her life. She says that she is moving forward in her life to do good for someone in her life.

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