Hundreds of vehicles were stopped after pelting stones at garbage trucks.

Due to the bad attitude of some people who cannot do it themselves and do not allow others to do it, Kathmandu’s waste management is not being done. It seems that the people’s representative who won the election as an independent has to face a lot of difficulties to work. Balen Saha, who has been working continuously after being elected, after sending garbage to hundreds of tipper vehicles to remove the garbage of Kathmandu, when stones started hitting the vehicle on the road, the vehicle stopped in the middle of the road. are stopped.

As the locals were on two sides, the movement of garbage trucks was stopped, people were agitating, many people were not allowing Walen Shah to work, they were obstructing his work, saying that the instability of the party would end if the independents were promoted. Drivers and locals have said. As the car drivers have to walk in fear when they go ahead of Balaju, they said that the road should be improved by making them safe.

From time to time, there is a dispute about the garbage of Kathmandu. Mayor Balen Shah, who thought that he will remove the garbage of Kathmandu and make it a clean and beautiful Kathmandu, the road to Banchere Dada was damaged for a few days and the garbage could not be picked up for some time. After trying for some time, when the dirt of Kathmandu is going to be cut by ax, the drivers have said that when the road is being built in Sisdol, the drivers are sitting on the roof of Chiura. He said that if the car drivers did not give money, they had a problem, but the political party did not allow them to work even when the mayor tried to work.

In the situation where various initiatives are being taken to make Kathmandu clean and odor free, there is a ban on throwing garbage everywhere. Now according to the rules of the metropolis, a fine has been imposed on the company that throws garbage in Dhobi river. After the video of people throwing garbage in Dhobi River went viral on Sunday and Monday, the Metropolitan Corporation investigated it. After the investigation, the city placed a leaflet on the social media where the waste disposal company was fined 25,000, and requested to inform the city if such incidents were found.

Balen Shah, who has shown commitment that he will manage the garbage of Kathmandu, after assuming office, he has been working day and night to pick up the garbage that has not been picked up for 17 days, and has been continuously working towards its management. After months of garbage piled up on the street, the people of Kathmandu have taken hope and trust that Balen Sah will do something. Every day, Saha, who has been advancing the good work according to the meeting and feedback advice of various people from the Parliament to the House, has been getting discussion in one work after another.

Balen Sah, who was born in Ekdada village 2 of Mahottari, the ancestral home of Balen Sah, who became the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has not come to the village for a long time, says Sail Debi, who works at his house. In Balen Sah’s ancestral house, one Dhara village office is in operation, while Balen’s father, Dr. Ram Narayan Sah, is in charge of moving some rooms. Since his house is in Kathmandu and Janakpur, his stay in the village is rare, since his grandfather has movable and immovable property, he has the opinion of doing good work. Balen’s real name is Balendra Sah, 31-year-old Balen was born and raised in Nardebi, Kathmandu, an engineer as well as the winner of Nepali Rap Battle season two.

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