Husband fights to death in Saudi hospital, Mrs. got married with another person

Two years ago today, 300-year-old Bhojraj Kumal came to Saudi Arabia for employment to support his family. He was injured 15 months after arriving in Saudi Arabia. Due to which both his legs were broken. But his wife left her two children in Kathmandu and died with another. He is survived by his 7-year-old son Bhuvan Kumal and 6-year-old daughter Binita Kumal. The father is battling death in a hospital in Saudi Arabia, while his mother has left him to marry someone else.

Vinita and Bhuvan are now living in the village with their grandparents. The financial condition of the family is now critical as the breadwinner is in the hospital. Bhojraj’s parents are living on another’s farm. The economic situation has deteriorated further after the son who went to earn money had an accident. After the daughter-in-law left her grandchildren, the family is struggling to make ends meet.

Binita, a 6-year-old girl who is currently studying in the nursery class, says that her mother has left her. What a shock it must have been for a young child to think that his father had gone to the hospital with another sick mother. Binita says that her mother left her so that she would not be left behind. Binita says that she will study and become a doctor. He says that since his father is ill, he will now become a doctor. 7-year-old Bhuvan Kumal is studying in class 1.

According to Bhojraj Kumal’s father Gyan Bahadur Kumal, he has been earning a living from others. Mother Chandri Kumal is very straightforward. He is financially deprived and his parents are very emotional when they hear about their son’s condition. He says his son has been hospitalized in Saudi Arabia for the past decade. Father Gyan Bahadur Kumal says that it has been reported that his son has not recovered for the past nine months. He says that he has not had much conversation with his son for a long time. They have no idea how their son is being treated. He says that his son will recover soon.

Bhojraj’s mother says that she has heard that her daughter-in-law living in Kathmandu has got married to others but she does not know the reality. She says that her relatives left her grandchildren at her mother-in-law’s house but brought them with them as they were not treated well there. Now he has been teaching his grandchildren.
Bhojraj’s father is raising his family of 5 after he had to undergo treatment at the hospital. As Bhojraj’s father and mother are getting old, they can’t do much physical work. They are working in any way as they have to make a living by planting a field in Adhiya. They don’t have their own house or farm. They have been living in other people’s houses and earning from other people’s farms.

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