I am ready to be the Prime Minister. That is why there is trust in KP Oli. Hot Seat

Hot Seat is a TV program show which is presented on Image Channel by Jagadish Kharel. The show is presented every Thursday from 8:00pm to 9:00 pm i.e. for 1 hours and on every Friday 11:00am to 11:30 am. The program is run by young and energetic journalist Jagadish kharel.

The show is all about Nepalese political, economic, social and cultural aspects of the country. Here the kharel take the interview of many famous personalities of the country which includes different political figures, administrative figures, governmental figures and many other renowned faces of the country. Here sometimes the question is raised against the political issues of the country, what type of politics the country is holding behind, what types of work have been done by our top-level political leaders of the country.

Does the educational minister, agricultural minister, health minister, science and technology minister, and other top ministers of the country are working in a effective way in their respective domains, what type of opportunities and facilities are provided by the Nepal Government to the Nepalese citizen, is there any facilities they have been provided to the poor and needy ones. What type of agenda have been made in the educational, health, science, technology, transportation, tourism and economical sectors of the country, what type of facilities are been given to the Nepalese citizen? And does the Nepalese citizen too are fulfilling their duties towards the nation.

How much progress have been done in the country through the industrial point of view? Are the needed available infrastructures being there inside our country. What type of political problems are there inside the country, what type of co-operation are there inside the political leaders of the different parties, what type of motto does each political party is holding for the progress of the country. How affective the todays administration is? All the above questions are disused on the program with the different renowned figures of the country by relating with their respective domains.

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