I have a friend. Prime HD. Aman and Raimon’s Roadies Talk, @Laure’s Rap

I have a friend who ran the program together at the beginning in episode 9, the two of them are close friends, but even though the two are not together, their friendship is found to be very close. Aman Pratap Adhikari and Raymon Shrestha have been introduced in a sweet way in Mere Ek Saath Chah. He said that the program that Aman created by himself, the companionship of two people for 25 years, until now one of my friends has not come to six and Raimon has been a friend since school.

Aman said that because he is the son of famous person Madan Das Shrestha, Ramon has created a separate identity. The surprise guest in the program was Ashish Rana (Laure), three actors, who were friendly and close friends with each other. were, so that their steps were becoming successful one after another. He said that his journey was easy because of the close friendship between them, which is the essence of the union of loving each other a lot.

He said that they are connected to Kalakarita area, even though they live in different places while working, but they are close to each other emotionally. are Friends are meant to communicate things to people in a pleasant way. There is no conflict in human life, which is linked to intimacy between people. People can never live alone, so they need a friend who can show each other the right path, mediate their feelings, and have a friend.

Man is one of the best creatures, man alone cannot do anything. He needs each other’s support to calm his mind by sharing the various things in his life with others. People need a friendship to share their things in life more than their parents. In human life, friendship is needed to make life easier for each other. A friend is a friendship that can easily keep their happiness and sadness in their hearts. People live their happy lives with their families, some things cannot be shared with their families, sharing such things is only a friend.

A friend is a friend who shares his heart without any differences of opinion. There is nothing hidden in a friend, the friendship that is ready to die for each other is companionship. People need a friend from birth to death, so that people have all kinds of experience and knowledge. A person’s life is incomplete without a friend, who teaches people how to live. Things that cannot be shared with their birth parents at home are shared with friends equally.

A person’s life is very busy, which is supported by friends. Friends are an important part of a person. People are so close to each other in some way, that their relationship becomes the closest. People struggle with different aspects of life and move forward, people have different memories. They were complimenting each other very much and jokingly talking about each other. He says that the greatest happiness in his life is being with his mother. Since his family is big, he says that his family members have more friends.

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