I like Biplab son- Jyoti Magar

The full name of Jyoti Magar is Jyoti Magar Thapa. Jyoti Magar is a Nepali model, dancer and a folk singer. In 2006, she had started her profession in music sector. Her songs Chadhauchhu Phool Deutalai and Uhi Mulka ko Sinki Uhi Mula ko Chanaa were really become very popular among the audiences. She received this popularity at the age of 14. She had also tried her acting career in a Gurung films. She started her profession in music videos as a singer in 2006, at the age of 14. i.e. since her childhood period at the very small age.

From that period to till the date she has given numbers of hit albums. She had travelled a lot nationally and internationally to perform in stage programs, to show her innate talents and provide the entertainment to the audiences. She has done a lot of stage programs till date nationally and internationally. She is famous for her provocative and glamorous way of dressing and dancing. Because of her provocative and glamorous nature, she many times get criticized by some outlets and social platform users in the internet.

Talking about her biography, she born in 1994 at Rolpa district in Nepal. Talking about her academic career she had passed the SLC from the school located in Dang. She dropped out from the college while she was pursuing Degree in arts (IA) and after then she focused in the musical career. After then, her educational academic career gets full stop. Then, she found the pathway to enhance her career in the Nepali entertainment industry. She is a dancer and singer by profession. Talking about her height, she is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She is unmarried till date but had a lot of boyfriends at past. According to her, she is single at this time.

She is Nepalis by nationality. She follows the Hindu religion. While looking towards her first music video career, she had signed up with a Kathmandu-based record company. In that company she recorded her first album in 2006. But that music video did not come into the market because of some reasons. She also appears as a model in her music videos. She normally writes and composes the music on her own. Till date she has provide more than 30 albums in the Nepalis market. She has given her voice in many Nepali folk songs. Some of her famous songs includes Jimmal Bau ki Chori, Piratimi Dham Chaa and many more. She has travelled a lot. Especially in the Middle east and European countries to perform the musical stage program. These musical programs are mainly organized by non- resident Nepali organizations.

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