I like sex more than dal bhat. I slept with more than 1000, Prachanda is my disciple Madan Rai

In Nepali society, people still do not talk openly about sex. Socially, even if they are educated about sex, people only study sex in secret. There are many disputes over the subject of sex in many places.  Many women and children have lost their lives due to sexual misconduct. Nepali society keeps sex a secret. It is also mandatory for people to have sex. Everyone needs to know about sex. Sex is an important part of life. Sex is what creates society.  Are taken as the definition of sex varies from person to person. Sex is also a creation.
The 73-year-old grandfather, who was born in Khotang, says: “We hide sex. Big people cover their mouths when I talk about sex. Few people know about sex. Sex is the creation that builds society. Sex  You can’t imagine a society without it. People enjoy sex. Sex generates a new kind of wave in a person’s life. Sex has blood circulation in a person’s body.  He says that other parts of the body are also like sex. But people unknowingly show the other parts which create the society and hide them. He says that sex should be shown more.
“People should not force themselves on anyone,” says Rai.  Rai, who has studied sex for a long time and understands sex experimentally, talks openly about sex. He has a good knowledge of various aspects of sex. According to him, everyone in Nepal should know about sex first.  The third number is the economy, then the knowledge about others. If people give first priority to these areas, then Nepal is a resource rich country and there is nothing else to be done. They say that Nepal has ample resources for social development and transformation.He says that he has visited 72 countries and visited 77 districts of Nepal twice. He says that he has visited 77 districts of Nepal even once.  He says that it is essential not only to study but also to be experimental. He says that he has had sexual relations not only with Nepali girls but also with women of many foreign countries.

He says that he has had sexual intercourse for 22-23 thousand days of his life. He says that he used to meet 4-5 girl friends every day.  He says that there is no one who needs it. He says that when a person understands all the parts of his body from the bottom to the top, then man understands the world.  He says that he is calm.

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