I made a mistake by carrying a gun for Prachanda, I became a donkey of revolutionary ideas

Political analyst Lahanu Chaudhary was once a Maoist war veteran. Thinking that there would be some change in the village society and his life, Prachanda embraced the path and filled himself with guns and got involved in the people’s war. Not only that, he left his children behind and even forced his wife to carry a gun with him. Many warriors like him were engaged in war to get some relief from the difficult life or to give their future victims a comfortable life of some relief. After gaining the position and prestige of the then commanders, all three commanders have become no less than the oppressed rulers. Seeing these leaders now, many people like Lahanu say that they made a mistake by carrying a gun.

From time to time, the issue of nationalism comes up. At one time, only the leaders involved in politics knew when the issue of nationalism would come up. Because the people did not pay attention to other political activities except voting. Because they were confident that the leader would move ahead with the development work after casting his vote. But now a kind of political awakening has taken place among the people. People have started examining the fact that not even one percent of those who dreamed during the polls have fulfilled their promises.

Analyst Lahanu Chaudhary says that the time for seasonal nationalism to emerge is when the leaders have to reach out to the people. Those who came to power by showing empty assurances to the people do not fulfill their promises made to the people, then the people stand against them. At the same time, when there are signs that the opposition will bring good votes, they go to the people again talking about the same nationalism. This is the same activity that KP Oli has done now, says Lahanu Chaudhary.

According to border expert and analyst Hemant Sedhai, nationalism and independence have been taken as a selling point. Today’s leaders are beginning to take these things for granted. Whereas nationality is the responsibility that one has to fulfill for this land after being born in this land. According to him, there are four types of nationalism seen in Nepal. The first is blind nationalism, seasonal nationalism, kneeling nationalism and the other is eye-seeing nationalism.

According to Lahanu Chaudhary, there is no need for monarchy in Nepal. If the monarchy can be included in any article of the constitution by force, then the monarchy can be established by force. He said that the atmosphere of coercion was caused by the leaders of the Aryan community rather than the Mongols, the tribes of Nepal. In the past, people protested that the monarchy was wrong. But today the hollow nationalists are the same leaders who are trying to overthrow the monarchy at some point. If the king is also reformed, he should be able to bring a monarchy by escaping from the hypocritical nationalists. At some point, the Maoists wanted to kill Lahanu Chaudhary in Ramkot and throw his wife in the Roshi river. Due to Prachanda’s incomplete vision, they are now searching for the monarchy.

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