I sang songs, whats wrong, big headache to Rachana rimal

Todays episode of Bagina talks the death of Lata Mangeshkar and song issue of Rachana rimal.

Sometimes there is a big difference between an artist and a journalist. Sometimes there is a big difference when a journalist writes about time. People like to write good news about themselves. Talking about time makes each other sad. Between people  In order to make the relationship smoother, it is necessary to flatter now. People are also found to have great differences among the people in the field of music. The humanity within human beings is also disappearing.  Even though people think differently, there are many creatures who try to discredit their field by looking at the work of insulting each other.

Now the Bagina program has come to the new market. It has achieved great things in a short period of time.  Bagina has taken on a whole new dimension by embracing all aspects of music. People have struggled a lot in their language to advance their field.  Media is needed for any task. Now people are trying to make their journey successful in their own way. Which is very beneficial to human beings.

The rebel show is produced by Phurba Sherpan and produced by Rachana Gautama as an assistant producer. The script is produced by Kushum Bhattarai and can be viewed on rajatpat online tv youtube and ap1tv.  In an interview, Durgesh Thapa said that Prakash Subedi is a toilet journalist if we are bathroom singers.  He said that it was necessary to remove it. When he was asked to sing Narayan Gopal’s song in a program, he sang another artist’s song.

Bagina means the confluence of Baja song and dance. He said that he will talk about these three areas. He also said that the band competition will be held in Nepal this time. He said that it will give a big boost to the band.  Rana, Vocalist Rabin Tamang, Guitarist Jyoti Soling are the winners. The first prize will be Rs 2 million, second prize Rs 1 million and third and fourth prize Rs 4-4 lakh.  The video was prepared. His song is now being traded on YouTube and Tik tok.

In her video, she is accompanied by Ranjita Gurung. Norman Rai also went to the US 5 years ago. Her father came to Nepal as a Bhutanese refugee. She opens and runs a dance studio in the US.  She is also a model director. She is also a member of the Global Awards in the United States.  The video of the music song played by Rajesh Hamal has been prepared and released.

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