I swear ‘My real name is Prachanda ‘ My name has been misused.

Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who became the General Secretary of the CPN (Mashal), a party of the far left, at the age of 35, has been re-elected as the Chairman of the CPN (Maoist) Center for another term at the age of 67.

Dahal, who introduced himself using the name ‘Prachanda’, one of the six names changed at different times, is one of the few Nepali leaders who has held the party’s top post for 32 consecutive years.

Born into a modest family, he has twice served as the country’s prime minister.

The 10-year armed conflict led by Prachanda, who has lived underground for 25 years, is said to have been a factor in major political change in Nepal. The Maoists have called the struggle a ‘people’s war’.

He has also been criticized for killing, disappearing and displacing many innocent civilians in the struggle led by Prachanda.

After entering into open politics through peace talks, the CPN-Maoist led by him became the largest party in the parliament. But he resigned from the leadership of the government within nine months.

Born in 2011 in Dhikurpokhari, Kaski, Prachanda’s political journey began with his teaching career.

Prachanda joined the Communist Party in 2028 BS at the age of 17. After that, he moved forward in various roles in politics. But outside of the affiliated organization, Prachanda was introduced as a teacher of agriculture.


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