I was happy to meet my brother who said, “Madame Tiktok, make me cry.”

Sandeep, a resident of Bidor Municipality-7, Thumche, Nuwakot, was crying in the classroom when she was asked why she cried. . She said that she was not able to watch the video for hours after uploading the video. She said that she was busy at work for some time. She said that the children are happy when they are newly appointed in the school and when they start teaching in the nursery.

Tiwari said that even though she was young, her father did not pay attention to her studies and because she was more interested in having fun playing, she used to teach accordingly. The teacher said that he would be happier if he made a ticket and that he would be ready to do anything. She said that many viewers liked her because of Sandeep’s activity of crying, laughing and blinking at Tiktok. When children are looking for fun, creating a conversation like they say, they are happy to do whatever they want.

Born into a poor family, Sandeep lives in a tin-roofed house on a piece of land given to him by his family. Since Sandeep’s father works as a carpenter and spends more than the money he earns, he has not been able to make much progress in life. As it is a government school, Sandeep has been able to study for free, otherwise his father could not afford to pay for his education. After the video of Chandeshwari Secondary School nurse Manisa Tiwari went viral on Tiktok, everyone was interested in the boy.

Sandeep’s video went viral after nurse Manisa Tiwari posted it on Tiktok. He was attracted to many because of his small child, sweet loving baboli, beautiful face. Sandeep, who has just started school, is now starting his studies from nursery class. The teachers used various means to seduce Sandeep, as he used to cry a lot after coming to class.

For those who want to become an artist and for entertainment, Yap Tiktok has become a means of spending time for some and a means of taking life for others. Tiktok is also used commercially by someone who earns crores overnight, different types of people are spending their time on Tiktok. Tiktol has been widely used by children and the elderly.

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