I will get married only after getting Nepali citizenship. Choreographer Kamal Rai

Dancer Kamal Rai has been involved in Nepali cinema for the past 40 years. Kamal Rai, who was born in Singapore on July 7, 2021 BS, grew up in Kasryang, Darjeeling. Kamal learned dance in Mumbai. Kamal, who entered Nepal through art director Gopal Bhutani, has been living in Nepal since then. Although Kamal Rai was introduced to Nepal by Gopal Bhutani, the then choreographer Basanta Jung Rayamajikam had introduced him to Nepali cinema through the film Kanchi.

The opportunity to work as a full phase dance director in a short time after settling in Nepal was created by the movie Bhagya Rekha. Therefore, his debut film is Bhagyarekha. At that time, he had worked for a total salary of 500 rupees. The song Jhuma Ko Bol Bola Pakhaharu Bol, which came out in 2046 BS, brought him to the top of the discussion as a choreographer. After that, Kamal never had to look back.

He has worked as an assistant in many Hindi films. So far, Kamal has worked as a dance director in more than 250 Nepali films. . She has also taught dance in many music videos. He is still working in this field.Kamal has acted in major Nepali films like Chota, Dakshina, Allare, Miley,Manakamana, lightning, borders are being planted. He has even received awards for excellence from dozens of films. But ironically, he is unhappy that he did not get the Gurkha Dakshin Bahu award because he is an Indian citizen. She is still unmarried, having passed the 57th spring of her life. The year of his stay in Nepal is more than 4 decades, i.e. 40 years. In the meantime, it is not that he has not tried for citizenship. But due to various problems, he has not been able to get citizenship yet. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

As he has lived in Nepal for 40 years, he plans to spend the rest of his life in Nepal. He says that he will not leave Nepal now as he is successful in Nepal. Even though he is carrying an Indian passport till now, he has traveled to different countries to identify Nepal. He says that he has been working for Nepali films since its inception and now he is not interested in the second generation.

He said that the Nepali government should give him Nepali citizenship even after considering his contribution to Nepal. Although he got citizenship after working in other countries for 35 years, he has not been able to get citizenship even after living in Nepal for 40 years. He is over 57 years old. He says that he danced with so many Nepali artists and forgot to make love. He said that he is still living alone and he may or may not get married in the coming days. He says that there are still many people who are proposing love to him.

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